Fares & Programs


Mountain Line is a publicly supported and funded transportation system serving Monongalia County. The State of West Virginia, the Monongalia County Commission and Morgantown City Council subsidize the cost of each ride. The prices shown below are well below the actual cost of providing public transportation. Mountain Line is your public transportation system, so if you have suggestions, please let us know


Fare Individual Fare - One Ride, One Way, Correct Change Only to be deposited upon entering vehicle $.75 - $1.00
Transfer All Transfers $.75 - $1.00
Deviation Individual Deviation – One Pre-approved Deviation (see call and ride information).  $.50
15 Ride 15 Rides anytime.  A ride accounts for one ride one way.  $10.00
30 Day  Unlimited Rides & Transfers for one calendar month (except intercity Grey Line service).  $35.00
M3 Pass Unlimited Rides & Transfers for one month on all local routes plus the Grey Line $125.00
Children  Children 5 and under ride all local routes for free  Free