Twitter Live Feed

Where's My Bus RIGHT NOW?

Step 1: Make sure your phone contract includes texting (texting charges will apply according to your contract.)

Step 2: From a computer go to and set up an account

Step 3: From the computer set up your mobile device for Twitter

Step 4: From your cell phone text the following to 40404

• To receive texts alerting Blue & Gold stops

ON ML38bg

• To stop receiving texts alerts for the Blue & Gold

OFF ML38bg

• To “Get” the last text sent for the Blue & Gold

G ML38bg


Sample Text you will receive:

ATTI: #MLBG to Life Sc & Towers Bus 291 is at Grant@6th at 1/24/2012 11:59:55 AM. Next Stop: Grant@4th. (about 1 min ago)

Route Twitter Codes

1 Campus  MLcampuspm
 2 Downtown PM Mall        MLmallpm
3 Green Line ML03green
4 Orange Line ML04orange
6 Gold Line ML06gold
7 Red Line ML07red
8 Tyrone ML08tyrone
9 Purple Line ML09purple
10 Brown  Follow this for
Rt 13 Crown
Rt 14 Grafton Road
Rt 15 Mountain Heights
11 Cassville ML11cass
12 Blue Line ML12blue
16 Pink Line ML16pink
29 Grey Line ML29grey
30 West Run ML30wr
 Rt 38 Blue & Gold ML38bg
Rt 39 Beechurst ML39bh
Rt 44 Valley View ML44vv
MLticker For time delays
MountainLine For deviations (each route is #)


The live Twitter Feed is also available on each route page on this website.  Don't do Twitter?  Try our Mobile App

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