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How to Use Google to Plan a Trip

All Mountain Line stops and time point locations and routes are available on Google Maps. You can plan a bus trip just as you would a driving trip using Google. Enter your trip information in the trip planner at right (or at, selecting the bus icon as the mode of transportation). You can modify the results in Google by selecting "show options" to change your trip preferences, including selecting less walking or fewer transfers. Keep in mind that Google uses "best route" as the default option, which means it will plan the shortest bus ride. Changing to "less walking" may provide a route closer to your starting or ending locations.

What Routes Serve Me?

You can also use Google maps to locate nearby bus stops. "Zoom" into the map by a few clicks and you will see the bus stop icon at locations throughout Mountain Line's service area. Hover over or click the bus stop icon for route information and next scheduled stops.

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