Meet The Bus

The fleet consists of approximately thirty seven vehicles, our most common buses range in length from thirty to forty feet, and seat approximately forty people. 

Even though buses may not look exactly alike, they share standard features you should be familiar with.  

Let’s start outside with the destination sign, sometimes called the head sign.  It displays the route number and destination. Be sure to check this sign so you don’t end up on the wrong bus.  Our buses are equipped with bike racks mounted on the front of the bus. Each rack holds two bicycles. Simple instructions are printed on the rack.   Or, if you would like additional information on how to use the bike racks click here.

Most buses have a front entrance door and a back exit door. Always board using the front door, and when you get off the bus use the backdoor.   The exceptions would be if you use a wheelchair or other mobility assistance; or if you have a bicycle to retrieve from the bike rack.

Our buses are equipped with a video security system.  Cameras are located outside as well as inside each bus. 

Now let’s take a quick look around the bus interior.

First, watch your step; if the first step up into the bus is too high, ask the driver for for help; or to kneel the bus.  This will lower the bus down to a height that will be easier to step up to.  Buses servicing regular routes are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps for use by anyone who may need the assistance. 

The fare box is front and center, this is where you pay. It accepts passes and cash.  If you don’t have the exact amount of the fare, the fare box will be able to give you a change card for the remaining amount. The driver is unable to give you change and the change card cannot be cashed in, but can be used on your next trip. 

The area in front of the yellow line is the drivers compartment. Passengers should not cross over this line while the bus is in motion.  The front seats are for seniors and people with  mobility impairments. However, there are usually plenty of seats to choose from toward the back.

If the bus is full, you may need to stand. If so, use the hand bar or strap. For your safety, each bus has emergency exits. Upcoming bus stops are announced audibly.  To signal the driver that you want to get off the bus, just use the pull cord or press the yellow and red button on a nearby safety pole.

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