Getting On and Off The Bus

The bus system reaches many places throughout the city and county.  You will want to learn where the routes are, and where to catch the bus.

Our buses work on a flag down system.  This means you can flag down a bus anywhere along the route.  We do however ask you to make sure that you are standing in a safe place for the bus to be able to stop and pick you up.  If you are in a highly populated area we may ask if you could stand together at one common spot with your fellow riders.  This will allow us to stop less often and keep the bus on schedule.  Our exception to this rule is on our Express Routes.  Our Express Routes have designated stops, you'll know if it's an Express Route by the logo on the schedule. If you have any questions just ask your driver or call us. We suggest you plan to be at your bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time. Being there early helps insure you wont miss your bus. 

When you’re waiting for your bus consider what direction it will be coming. Buses won’t stop for you if you’re on the wrong side of the street. Be sure you wait in a place where the bus can safely reach the curb. If there is a turn lane for example the bus won’t be able to pull over, so you may want to wait on the other side of the intersection. The driver can tell you what is best though. As the bus approaches check the destination sign on the front of the bus to confirm the route number and the destination. Signal the driver with a big wave to make sure he or she sees you. Wait to board until the bus comes to a complete stop and the door opens. Always enter the front and have your fare ready before the bus arrives.

When you’re near your destination,  signal the driver that you want to get off. Some of our buses have a pull cord and some have a button on the safety poles in the bus. The driver will let you off at the next safe intersection or bus stop. Gather your belongings and exit the bus through the rear door. If you need to cross the street wait until the bus pulls away. Mountain Line is a great choice in inclement weather, saving you the hassle of driving in less than ideal conditions. Our Bus Tracking text tool can allow you to track your bus and know exactly where it is allowing you to stay inside until your bus arrives.  Find out more about our texting tool in our Plan Your Ride Section.  If your using an umbrella be watchful of others around you and prepare to close your umbrella as you board the bus. All of our buses have heat and air conditioning to make your ride as comfortable as possible. 

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