Accessible Services

If you need assistance boarding ask your driver for help or ask them to kneel or lower the bus. Mountain Line is committed to making public transportation accessible to all people including those with disabilities.  All of our buses are equipped with a wheel chair lift or ramp.

The front of the bus has wide corridors to accommodate wheelchairs.  Before the bus departs the driver will secure the wheelchair for you, ask your driver if you need any additional assistance.  Guide dogs and service animals are permitted and audio destination announcements enable people with visual impairments to ride the bus more easily.

If you’re traveling with a small child simply fold up your stroller move it out of the isle and hold your child securely on your lap.  If a wheelchair securement location is available children may stay in the stroller. Place the stroller facing the rear of the bus and ask the driver to secure the stroller for you.  If a passenger in a wheelchair boards the bus you may be asked to move your child from this area.  

Many people ride Mountain Line to shops or the mall it’s a smart way to eliminate parking hassles. If you use a pull cart move towards the back of the bus and please make sure the cart isn't blocking the isle.  Packages or luggage may be placed on the seat beside you.

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