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Hartman Run Road Bridge Closure

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Hartman Run Road Bridge Closure



Press Release


Date:          Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Contact:    Maria Smith, Marketing Officer

Phone:      (304) 296-3680 


Morgantown, WV - Hartman Run Road will be closing in the near future due to the work on the Sabraton Ave Bridge.  The following changes will go into effect permanently beginning August 4, 2014. 


Rt 12 Blue Line

The Blue Line will no longer be able to service the DMV.  This change will also serve to keep the Blue Line on schedule.


Rt 8 Tyrone

We will begin routing Tyrone to the DMV both on the outbound and inbound trips.  Please check online or at the depot for times.


Additional DMV Service Options

Rt 14 Mt Heights

Mountain Heights services the DMV outbound from the depot at 11:52 AM and 1:07 PM and inbound at 8:50 AM, 12:05 PM, 1:25 PM, and 2:55 PM Monday through Friday.  Saturday service is on the inbound trip at 8:55 AM and 2:55 PM.


For information on all Mountain Line bus routes and schedules, riders can call 291-RIDE (291-7433) during normal hours of operation or visit WWW.BUSRIDE.ORG.

###  Thank you.

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