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City Restores Red Line Funding

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City Restores Red Line Funding

Morgantown, WV- Morgantown city administration informed the Authority today that it has been able to revise its initial funding commitment for public transit adding $32,500 dollars for fiscal year 2012-2013 transit operations in the City.  This addition brings the total City funding level for the new fiscal year to $324,000 dollars and will help alleviate a portion of the Red Line service reduction announced earlier this week.

             General Manager David Bruffy estimates this increased funding level will allow the Authority to continue all but two (2) of the Red Line’s nine (9) service runs and work is underway to mitigate the passenger impact of this service reduction.  The City has provided annual financial support to the Authority since its inception in 1996, providing essential local support that has allowed public transit usage to grow from 200,000 rides in 1996 to 1.29 million rides in the past 12-months, and the City and Authority will continue this teamwork to reduce service reduction impacts as much as possible before the July 2 implementation date.

             This additional Red Line funding supports transit service to Downtown Morgantown, the downtown WVU Campus, University Avenue, the Evansdale Towers complex, Suncrest, parts of Star City, Collins Ferry Road and Colonial Drive neighborhoods. Route changes will go into effect in about 6 weeks, beginning July 2, but the Authority has set up a public survey on their web site,, asking riders and the public for input on how best to reduce the impact of any Red Line service change. Additionally, a Public Hearing will be held June 13, 2012, at 6:00 pm in the Westover Maintenance and Administrative facility.

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