Mountain Line Transit Authority Organizational Statements

“Our commitment is to serve the public transit need of our community in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.”

Our mission is to

Surpass our customers’ expectations

Protect our resources

Embrace change to meet future demands

Our vision

Creating rider satisfaction through quality services

Valuing our employees as our best asset in meeting customer needs

Exercising sound stewardship of our resources

Our values

Safety first and always

Accepting change as a positive


Innovation and Involvement

Influence through leadership & communication

Continuous quality improvement

Employee commitment/dedication

Informed decision making

Efficient processes

Growth through learning

Respect and compassion

Honesty and tact

Embrace technology

The Board’s Role

Provide effective policies to empower the organization

Create an environment that encourages positive leadership

Be agents for change and empowerment

Be learners/teachers/partners with the management staff and organization

Serve as Ambassadors of the Authority’s Services 

The Manager’s Role

Positive and inspired leadership

Effective steward of assigned resources

Competent decision maker

Define & Communicate Organizational Needs

Organizational manager of daily operations

Effective communicator

Provide Stable Environment for Organization

Prepare Organization for Change 

Agent of change and empowerment


Recognize and Maximize Organizational Opportunities

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